Call Retuning

Send in your retunes! We’ll tune your duck and goose calls up for you right here in our shop! Just send them in along with your payment of $15, and we’ll get you hooked up with some of the best sounding calls out there! Make sure you include your name, shipping address, and your phone number…we want to make sure we get your calls back to you after we get them sounding awesome!  You can download and print our retuning form here to make sure you send us all the info we need.

Send your $15 payment and your call to:

Rok Outdoorz
17644 Hwy 54
Rockport, IL 62370

Have questions about our duck call tuning service? Just give us a call at 217-730-1544 or 866-89-GEESE (866-89-4337)

Our Shop Hours are Monday – Thursday 9:00AM-5PM CST, and Friday 9:00AM-1 PM CST