My father got me into hunting around the age of twelve with chasing pheasants. I really got more involved with hunting after I graduated high school when my friends and I had more time to chase ducks and deer in Southern Wisconsin. My father in-law took me on my first goose hunt and that was all it took the rest is history.

My wife, daughter and I now have been living in North Central Wisconsin near Medford for about fifteen years and hunting isn’t just our passion its our way of life. We hunt everything together as a family but my passion is for those big Canadian honkers. My daughter, friends and myself are after them every chance we get.

My favorite places to hunt are in cut off corn fields trying to decoy and call in the big boys in layout blinds, nothing beats getting them in close. A close second would be hunting in the cattails for some green heads on some of our favorite water holes.

When I am not hunting I like to be involved in the waterfowl industry helping work shows for the best call manufacturer in the industry “FMI” or working shows for Hard Core Decoy Company. I am hoping to someday be more involved guiding hunts for the youngsters…